oh… hello there. this old thing? it’s just my new freaking blog i picked up somewhere.

what’s it about?

it’s that thing where you envisioned your whole life what adulthood was going to be and how it would go down and it didn’t really pan out.

depressing? no! well maybe sometimes, but mostly shocking to the core. like when everyone tells you that pregnant people glow and have a peaceful life creating zen about them and you throw up all day everyday and end up needing IVs and some new pants. or when people talk about how people sleep like a baby when all that tells me is that they have colic, reflux and some insane amount of gas that for some godforsaken reason will not exit their body no matter how many hours you spend pumping their legs. it is the ablility to laugh amidst the chaos as you realize that you really can’t be pissed because no one promised you zen. no one promised smooth sailing and let’s be honest some of this stuff is just stone cold CRAZY!!!!!

so here we go.. buckle your seat belts. grab a beverage. and let’s do this thing. let’s be honest about the fit hitting the shan and be real.

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  1. jenn says:

    FIRST COMMENT!! yaaaaaaaaaay Christin!!!! i’m so excited to read your brain!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hallelujah, girl. Tell it like it is.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Nice. I think I’ll be a subscriber… and perhaps a highly credentialed guest contributer from time to time. 😉

  4. Jenny Lynn says:

    Too funny! And I totally feel you on the pregnancy thing. Just starting to hold my head up after 3.5 months of nausea, constant puking and a trip to the ER for fluids. Btw, Meg sent me over 🙂

  5. This is most excellent. Your future posts have already been keeping me up many nights laughing and crying. Very much to be to be enjoyed. Well done.

  6. robynlynn says:


  7. Wooohoo! So ready for this!

  8. Heather Scott says:

    That is HYSTERICAL! Thanks for making this feel normal! WE ARE SOOOOO EXCITED and love you! YAHOOOOO!

  9. woot 😀 congrats 🙂
    (and NOT on being pregnant….) LOL 🙂

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