A Warning To Those Who Have “Arrived”

i believe that i will survive this journey, but i want to thrive. i want people to see me do phenomenal things and snarf their TaB™  because of it’s sheer awesomeness. although i am quite possibly the least “together” person i have encountered, there is a great deal of hoping on my part that you will not notice and still be taken with me. this all leads me to a picture that is a firm physical reminder that i do not in fact have it together and that life moves on…

so after hazel was born i signed molly corin up for preschool, two days a week. it soon becomes blaringly obvious that my off-the-charts extroverted movie star-princess-cowgirl-pirate will need something that is specifically hers. i do this with some reservations and a healthy bucket of self-disapproval as i am a stay-at-home mom and we are not loaded, but i do it nonetheless. weeeeeelllllllllll, it turns out this was probably one of the best decisions that i have made as a mom. molly corin thrived! there were things to learn, people to see, and group visits to the child-sized potty! it was like setting me free in a handbag outlet with my closest friends. i digress. anyway, these other mammas were not my friends. i had never met them and i usually showed up unshowered and frazzled, with a 98 pound infant car seat on my arm and visibly hanging on by a thread. i tried to bring awesome snacks, i tried to plan a playdate or two, but it all really came together for me on the morning that i didn’t remember to put the wash in the dryer and molly corin had no clothes. “eh, i am breezy! what does it really matter if i send her in her nasty, stained target pink pants and her gorilla shirt anyway?”




it matters because it is picture day!

that’s right; my lack of togetherness caught on film. the hopes of the traditional line of photographs bringing you up the stairs to the children’s rooms dashed against a stone. she would forever need therapy because i did not have her at her best for PICTURE DAY!!!

only… wait a second… life went on. she is not holed up in her room listening to bad emo and figuring out different ways to climb out of her window and take off in some db’s car! ahhhhh, I just want to say… it is ok. you will make it. and if what my mom says is true (keep in mind this was relayed during a severely traumatic high school rumor drama experience after i said everyone thought i was a horrible person)…
“oh honey, nobody thinks about you that much.”
do not cry today, dear person whose future will not be the feature article for kick ass magazine, everyone is so worried about getting into that magazine themselves that no one noticed.
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5 Responses to A Warning To Those Who Have “Arrived”

  1. Suellen says:

    I actually really like that outfit! The only school pictures I remember are the ones where I looked really bad, and I wasn’t trying to…missing teeth, braces, crazy middle school hair and makeup…odds are there will be worse photos than that one!

  2. Anna Thorp says:

    You’re the best. Thanks for always being real. And as a teacher of those preschoolers/kindergartners–as long as they’ve got parents that love the heck out of ’em than the school pictures really don’t matter. You’re such a good mama to that red head!

  3. Jaime says:

    love, LOVE this photo! and your post. Keep them coming!

  4. Andrea says:

    Um I love it. And as I suspected, not a week goes by that I don’t wonder if Oscar should be in preschool. I mean at least then I would put pants on him.

    I think.

  5. erin says:

    an old friend of mine shared your blog, and it cracks me up, especially this post. i love how she’s looking at the camera as if to say, “and what? i know i’m rockin’ this gorilla.”

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