the holiday season has drawn to a close and i am taking this moment to reflect on how i did this year at treasuring the true meaning of Christmas and staying sane in such a “busy time”.

HORRIBLE. just downright sad.

i always start with the best intentions. Being the youngest of five children, and because my husband is the youngest of four, Christmas becomes a part time job as we send packages of things we hope will keep us off the “my-aunt-and-uncle-are-so-lame-they-are-probably-still-worried-about-Y2K” list and give us some street cred for our visits during the year. this year i decided that all that would be done before dec. 1. 

yup. laugh it up. 

so the… oh, i’m sorry. you are still laughing? well, take your time… this is something i have learned about adulthood and wifery and mommyhood specifically and i will try to say it as gently as i can, here it goes… ADJUST YOUR FLIPPING EXPECTATIONS OR PERISH!!!!! 

too abrasive?

i sent one package before december and i will count that as a win! you see i would like to have a clean home and well-dressed, well-mannered, brilliant children bowing and curtsying in a line as you walk through the door to our splendidly decorated home that smells of a pleasant combination of christmas tree and freshly baked cookies, but then there’s this pesky thing of keeping those i have been entrusted with alive. i wanted to get everything cleared out of the way so that i could focus and really enjoy the reason for the season, but i think instead i learned a really valuable lesson… 

if you were one of those people like me in college who found themselves faced with exams and therefore cleaned, organized and color-coded your dorm room before cracking a book, listen up. there is a peace that surpasses all understanding. i heard it to be true and i have sat with people fresh outta the womb to people on their way out and i have seen it. i believe it. i think the thing that makes it hard to access is that it doesn’t look like we think. we imagine a lovely beach that is obviously all-inclusive as evidenced by the size of the drink in our hands, and we listen to the waves lap up onto the shore and people skipping with delight at the way that everyone seems to be loving each other around them, but peace is different. peace is this… contentment in the midst.

my children run when i ask them to come here, their favorite thing to do right now is to go up to people and yell YOU’RE PEANUT BUTTER!!! there is little explanation for any and all of their behavior, but they are a treasure. they bring chaos everywhere they go, but they are worth it. peace isn’t a moment with a warm beverage away from them (although i like to call that “magical”). peace is sitting in the midst of a room that looks like a toy truck threw up on it and reading a hilarious book while thinking of the dance we will choreograph to the original song we will sing that includes something about princesses, trains, pirates, dinosaurs, fairies and of course the monster. treasure the moments, not when you have finished what needs to be done, but now. what needs to be done is a moment with those you love. it is of utmost importance.

so lower the expectation on the ol’ sparkling home. sniff that pair of pants- they might be able to wear them tomorrow without doing a load of laundry. get on the most ridiculous outfit you have ever laid your eyes on and when your kids wake up tiptoe in their room and declare IT IS TIME FOR AN ADVENTURE. No child ever fell asleep with a smile on their face because Mama dusted the dining room.

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7 Responses to Lower

  1. Kelly Drose says:

    Mesmerized by your words. Will try taking them to heart!

  2. Jillian Gallop says:

    Just what I needed to read today, seriously. Sitting in my chaotic, but blessed life & loving this post 🙂

  3. Jenny Lynn says:

    love this. i’m a good friend of meg and she sent me here to check out your blog! i’m a mom of newborn twin boys and this is exactly what i needed to hear today. my house is a complete wreck, i’m going to start working from home in two weeks so i’ve got a lot to organize, there is laundry in the wash that’s been there since yesterday morning (which used to be one of my biggest pet peeves), and my plan was to start somewhere with all of that today. but all i’m going to do is snuggle with my little ones, read books, and play with rattles. so thank you, for your words – you’ve changed my schedule for today!

  4. Kathleen says:

    Yep. New growth.
    If your mom has 5 kids and still gets excited about new growth then you have lucked out in the mom dept.
    P.S. Glad u r passing along my #1 new (or tired) mom advice… Lower your expectations.

  5. I pretty much love you..

  6. beautifulflaw says:

    can we just clone you in various shapes and sizes and get rid….well. nothing i can type here will leave me without judgment. all i can say is, thank you. for being shamelessly unequivocally Christin. your words and your heart and your laughter and your children will all change the world.

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