I’m A Fan

there are few things better than knowing you are loved. that someone sees you and that they are in fact a fan.

when i was little i had a shirt that said K.M.’S SCHATZIE. we spent some time in Germany growing up and this is a German word meaning sweetie or honey. K.M. is my sister Kathleen (coincidentally her blog is my favorite blog ever the end) and i wore this shirt PROUDLY. You should know the following: my sister is cooler than cool and never ceases to amaze me. i wore this shirt till my body plumb didn’t fit in it anymore and then i hung it on my wall. there are two tack holes in the shoulders from where i displayed it proudly and let me tell you: when people chose to act their age in middle school or when high school did a number on me, i may have fallen on my bed and wept, but when i opened my eyes i saw that someone i loved thought highly of me. i saw that and patrick dempsey pictures from bop magazine.

here’s your challenge should you choose to accept it: be somebody’s fan. in the face of all that we are walking through, take some time and step outside of your life and cheer for someone else to get through it all. when i got really ornery growing up my mom would look at me and ask if i had done my something for somebody else yet today. the answer to this was often no and so i would have to remove the gigantor chip-i-had-built-a-house-for on my shoulder and think of someone else’s life. what might make them happy? what might bring a smile to someone’s face and make them feel loved? 

you’ve got a fresh year. brand spankin’ new- fresh outta da package and it is time dear friends to sit with a cup of tea, your favorite music and a blank slate (in this case we will allow a plain sheet of paper if your slate is in the shop). take some time and write down what you want to be about. this is not a list of things you DO or things you are RESPONSIBLE FOR. for the love of all that is good and holy please do not make a chart of where your time is spent, we have good tea on the table and a spacious moment to dream. who do you want to love well this year? is there an apology that is clogged in your throat that would bring life and healing to release and let escape? life flies by. i just had my oldest kid yesterday and she will be 5 in april. i want you to have the joy of knowing that you are working toward something besides self-fulfillment. i want you to care. 

so start a conversation with your neighbor that you try to avoid and see if there might be a true gem in that sweet soul that you are currently viewing as a time-sucker. tutor a kid that has nobody- nobody cheering for them. just make sure that you do that one thing that you are supposed to do for someone else, or my mamma’s going to find you. she looks sweet on the outside, but she has only eaten organic, gluten-free cardboard for years and that will mess with a person:)

first three to respond with their slate ideas gets a knitted cowl in the mail from your truly.

let’s do this.

wait, no not that… this!

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6 Responses to I’m A Fan

  1. neil says:

    Inspired! Will do!

  2. neil says:

    A man of God better than the day prior
    An Eagle Scout in daily affairs as a man even though I was this as a young teen.
    Clear the walkways of all my neighbors on our street side block. Clear of debris or snow and ice.
    Give my Moody neighbor a smile and a bottle of wine and continue to take care of her trash bin
    Forgive all those in 2011.

  3. Caroline says:

    I will teach my son’s Sunday School class. All those first graders in one room make my head spin. Thank you for writing this Christin. You are a treasure! Message me if you need my neck measurement.

  4. Mer Mer says:

    I will bake lots of goodies & hand deliver them to the people who I love & those who need to feel loved this year!

  5. Kimberly says:

    I’ll take my hat out of the running for a cowl (since I already have the most lovely one ever), but I do want to know if that’s what’s wrong with my momma, too – the cardboard, organic, gluten free, etc…
    (actually, she’s in the running for best mother ever, so may be a good thing…)

  6. Kathleen says:

    I try to do this sort of thing in general but will crank in for some extra in the near future: will do one nice thing that I might usually pass on or delay (don’t really want to do at the time they ask) for each of my family members this week. Just played basketball in the cold weather with my 8-yr old son… check!
    P.S. Like your post! xo
    P.P.S. In honor of Mom, I will also do one nice thing for myself. 🙂

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