They’re Coming

due to hazel’s declaration the other day that we will “eat outside FOREVER!!!!” we decided to go home and eat lunch on the lawn. we set up our spread of food, books, and toys on a blanket, and enjoyed the sunshine peeking through the clouds while pointing out every leaf that had gathered the courage to try a new look and change colors. hazel and i accepted the invitation to breathe in the beginning of fall and the hope that comes with a new crisp season. we ate and we read and we laughed and we tickled and then… the van drove up. the van that regularly drops off the jehovah’s witnesses to come talk with me and all my neighbors. i saw them and carried on, but not hazel…


i assure you that hazel has not learned this response from us, but she belted it out and rather than accepting that as a deterrent the j. dubs waltzed right on up and asked me about the end times and what i believed God thought of women. i respected them. i listened to every word they said and i thanked them for joining our lunch, and they went on their way.

this made me think of my sweet hazel and her inability to hide anything she is feeling. at times it proves to be downright embarrassing, but this time i thought it was quite refreshing. it gets frustrating when you spend each day asking her to do anything at all and she smiles and turns around and lightheartedly says, “no thanks!”, but in this instance i thought her inability to bless their heart was really timely and entertaining.

it is hard to raise girls. it is hard to trust them to be their own person and at the same time guide them into who you see they can be. i let my girls dress themselves. during a visit to project enlightenment, a local resource for parents and teachers, i asked a few questions about raising strong-willed, spirited children. one question i posed was about them looking like circus acts as we left the home. the woman smiled that smile that lets you know you are probably not going to enjoy the answer, and said that would be an example of a battle not worth fighting. to let them dress themselves and take ownership of their ability to do it themselves and have their own style. this was the beginning of me realizing that my kids don’t have to become who i want them to be.

i really enjoy my girls. they are smart. they are caring, they are brave. they are also incredibly selfish, needy and sensitive to a degree that lands about 5 feet above the chart that shows the sensitivity range. i get to try and mold the edges that i think may do them or others harm and watch the other areas develop into something better than i could’ve ever thought up. the tricky part is discernment. mc sings all day. these are made-up songs and when she stops she tells you what she likes about them. “i liked that one because it had a good beat and that woo wooo part was really pretty and the words told me a lot.” you know what? i liked the beat too. that woo wooo part the last 17 minutes was really pretty and the words told me a ton as well.

there is a time to mold and there is a time to listen. and when you’re unsure which is which, just yell “Boogie

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5 Responses to They’re Coming

  1. Is it wrong that I really wanted you to jump up and join her? Love these kiddos.

  2. neil says:

    Another great one Christin. Loved it! I do think a wee bit of guidance may be needed jusssst in case any Honey Boo Boo emerges! LOL!

  3. Kimberly says:

    J Dubs. Nice.
    Beautiful mommy/daughter goodies shared here. Thanks for your perfectly chosen words!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree. Although sometimes the 17 minute high note at my house is about one minute beyond what I can tolerate.
    PS. I”m cracking up that there’s an ad at the end of this post that appears to be a video and the pic with the triangle play button on it is of a woman looking like she’s about to undress…. wonder how her mom feels about that?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I aspire to Hazel’s transparency. It sounds refreshing.

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