Lookin’ Good!

fall is my favorite season and it’s not just because it is the only season that red heads do not clash with nature! this season brings a crisp air that reminds you that though some things change, fade away… even die, there is beauty to be seen in the process and hope in what is to come. you may grab your warm beverage and pull the blanket over you as you sit by the fire because this is a time to become “nice and tozy” as my girls call it, and take it all in.

there is a longstanding tradition in my family, led by my father, to be the Fall Leaves Appreciation Committee and though we are small we make up for it in volume! this was not always one of my favorite pastimes and became increasingly difficult in the years where my father would stop in front of my high school to go through our ritual, but now it is not fall until i have seen a tree in all its splendor, radiating the beauty of a color not yet captured in crayon, marker or pastel, stopped my vehicle dead in its tracks, rolled down all the windows and clapped a loud uproarious type clapping that would be classified among the best of the yulps from the dead poets society. this accompanied with my father’s trademarked phrase, “atta go tree. lookin good. LOOKIN GOOD!!!” will give the tree the confidence it needs to stand proud and blow in the breeze and shed a few of its finest for my sweet girls to collect for their leaf arrangements:)

i have had a bit of a difficult season of late. nothing to write home about or call my mom or hubby in concern, but one that has been hard to stomach and that has shown me what i am made of, both the beauty and the distortion of that. but this my father taught me… in the fall you look up. you stop what you are doing and you roll down your windows. that’s right. right now you are seeing a beautiful array of colors that should make you a visual definition of shock and awe, and you need to get closer in any way you can- take the glass down between you and the treasure and take it all in. then call it what it is, clap for that which you could not create and which you could not enjoy more. give that tree a round of applause and tell it what you think of all its hard work.

here’s what it taught me. certain things are more important than looking cool or being breezy, and one of these is to see beauty and to embrace it. beauty is here. find it and take it in. stop what you are doing, roll down your windows, and cheer for it.

we stand by our actions, we the Fall Leaves Appreciation Committee, and we promise to carry on this tradition. even if it means embarrassing our children in front of their high school crushes by carrying it out no matter the proximity to the school or the senior parking lot. which, i can assure you, it  will.

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One Response to Lookin’ Good!

  1. I promise you. You will NEVER clash with nature. Love this 🙂

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