Back In The Saddle Again


the baby is asleep so it’s about to get real up in this piece.

i may have 30 seconds… i may have 30 hours. nobody knows, but this is the mission, should i choose to accept it: i am going to write this post real time.

so here we go- i got pregnant a while back and went ahead and grew me a human. there was joy and there was pain and we had to adjust our budget for the toilet paper that is required to keep a pregnant lady who pees every 3 minutes satisfied. but now we are on the flip side and as the title of this here bloggy blog implies, pregnancy ain’t no picnic. a blessing, yes. a miracle, yes. a gift of being able to take part in the creation and sustaining of precious new life, yup. but pleasant, easy, or dare i say even comfortable? hellllllllzzzzzzz no. so i am always delighted, even ecstatic, to pass that season and head into baby land.

this is also somewhat alarming for my husband and i are champs at breeding colic-ridden refluxy babes and so to be excited to head into that time is proof that God created us ladies to forget what we need to to keep the human race going. am i right? but we did our job and got us a brand spankin’ new reflux-ridden gem, but she is sweet and she is cute and gosh darnit we love her.

this here bloggy blog has always sought to meet life in its fullness and create space to be real, and truly rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn (and hopefully laugh a bit in there too). it takes work and it takes time and so i want it to be worth it for you spending your precious time reading and me spending my precious few minutes of peace writing. feel free to send me love songs, requests, or dedications for what you would like to see more of, but for now i give you…

sleepless moments.

after MC was born, people brought us food because we are in the south and we have the best friends ever, and we were not hiding the fact that we were holding on by a very thin thread. this particular meal included homemade bread mmmmmmmmm. matt and i sat down to continue watching the series 7 up (documentary following the same group of kids every seven years of their lives = fascinating!) and eat our delicious grub.

me: “Mmmmmmmmm. Good bread makes all the difference!”

30 seconds pass, and i conclude that i merely thought this and did not in fact utter a word.

me: “Good bread makes all the difference!”

at this point matt falls on the floor laughing because i had said the same thing 30 seconds earlier and i’m so tired i can’t even compute what could be funny. apparently he heard me the first time and his story is that he even responded to me, but i think we all know that he is not to be trusted. for this reason, whenever i do something really noteworthy as super lame one of us simply utters- “good bread makes all the difference” and laugh.

but this was topped recently in this period of little sleep. we took a family trip to the park on our fabulous family saturdays and stayed a bit longer than planned because the girls were having so much fun! on the way home sweet Nora May showed us that her lungs are working quite effectively and she let everyone we passed on the way home know that she would have liked the past 30 minutes of her life to have gone differently. i looked at matt and said, “oh man now they (tatas) are leaking.”

matt [sleepily]: “is that because they can hear her crying?”

hmmmmmmmmmm? yes, amidst all my bags of tricks the one i am best known for is letting my boobs grow ears while pregnant so they can stay in tune with my little ones needs:)

Welcome aboard people, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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3 Responses to Back In The Saddle Again

  1. Oh my, the bread comment…. I’ve done that so many times. Concluded that oh, I think I just thought that because it didn’t elicit conversation or whatever…. and said it again. I so feel you with this stage – though thankfully I believe for the time being (it may only be a few weeks) it has passed. Teething will probably bring it back. But I can say this for certain: My brain is not functioning the same as it used to, and I’m not sure it ever will again. And I’m kinda okay with that.

  2. Kimberly Jones says:

    yeehaaaaw! this girl is so happy you’re back in the saddle again! to be so sleep deprived, you sure are still a darn good writer!

  3. I need this blog (and good homemade bread) in my life fo’ real. I’m so glad we’re BFFs.

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