this year for Halloween, i was thinking of dressing up as the mom i imagined myself becoming when i was growing up.

you know the one? her children aren’t running around crazy and they are naturally prone to listen the first time. her husband comes home to sweet smells of fancy delicacies on the stove and not the rank poop diaper left by the door to take out to the trash because it was that bad. you could eat off of her baseboards because her house is so clean that when it’s time to clean there’s just nothing left so she just cleans the baseboards.

what would she look like? i pondered this question while purchasing orange tutus and candy corn leggings for my daughter’s costume. how could i dress up as her… my outfit and make-up would be immaculate because homegirl knows how to spruce herself up. and remember: she’s got skillz so she has time for that (ain’t nobody got time for that but her- she does). in one hand i could carry a platter with a plastic turkey with all the fixins, and in the other hold a mobile of plates that appear as if they are all spinning gracefully. hmmm, i bet she would wear heels all the time… well, there goes that because i am not going trick-or-treating in heels.

then i realized three things:

1) i would have to creep dog down to hogwarts for the invisibility cloak because this lady just simply does not exist.
2) if she did she would probably look a lot like you and me because you cannot tell how well we do our thang by just looking at us
3) we are all pretending to parade around as this woman so would we even be able to tell if we came across the real deal?

it’s November. with the holiday season fast approaching, i hope to do this one differently. i am not going to keep my eye gazing at the fictitious woman who does all i have to do and more, who does it better than i ever could and with exceptional grace. instead, i’m going to pay attention to the blessings all around me, not because i should but because they are breathtaking.

i had an interesting interaction with the girls recently where someone (i am going to go ahead and assume satan) sent them a new american girl catalog with all the trimmings so that these lovely little girls could decide what crazy amount of loot they were going to obsess about for the holidays this year. i ended up taking the catalog away and through weeping and gnashing of teeth they asked “why?!?”

well, sweet girls because when you stare only at what you do not have and obsess over what you want next you completely miss all that you’ve been given to enjoy now. just like that my point of everyday comparison and halloween costume exited stage left. so grab yourself a beverage and join me on this journey of gratitude. i promise you will not have to wear heels.

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4 Responses to Costume

  1. You are such a great writer, you seem to put into words exactly what I am thinking/feeling. You are truly a gift! Thank you!

  2. Andrea says:

    LOVE this. From one mama in flats to another 🙂

  3. sillywhitney says:

    Making swiss cheese out of the lies we tell ourselves. I like it.
    Awesome post!!

  4. Kimberly Jones says:

    amen and amen

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