the other day we were once again astonished to see that it was time to leave for school and since we had clothes and shoes on, we splurged on jackets and hats and counted it a win that 50% of us had our hair brushed, and headed out the door.

before we got very far hazel exclaimed, “WAIT!!” and we all did that thing in the movies where there is a line of people and the first one stops and each successive one bumps into the one ahead of them. After inquiring as to what could be so urgent she informed us that she needed to look in the mirror.

we were late.

there are days when we fall apart because there is a hair sticking to our head (after explaining that it is static electricity and informing the sweet cherubs that wiping it away with their mitten only increases the problem). we deem it an unacceptable day to have anything at all asked of us, most of of all shuffling our feet to get to the carpool line before Jesus returns.

i needed them to get to the car, but lately i have been asking a very important question… is this important? or is it just important to me?

so i said “okay better go quick so we are not late” and she ran into our bedroom and flipped on the light and pondered herself in the mirror. i held my breath while i waited to see what would be asked of my parenting skills this morning…

“ahhhhhhhh PERFECT!” she said and trotted off to school.

later that day we were in the car and there was a bit of silence. i like to use my carpool moments with the kids to fit in a few positives in their emotional bank account before anyone who is having a bad day or simply wants to give them one begins to make withdrawals. so i said, “hazel i think you are really great!” to which she replied, “ME TOOOOOO!”

there are many players in this production of crazytown we’ve got in this house and i will do my best to unpack them one by one so you can see who we are and how we grow up together. today i present hazel.


photo courtesy of the fabulous

the doctors told us if hazel didn’t have the ability to say 20 words by 24 months that we needed to go to a specialist to see if it was related to hearing or speech delay. right before her two year appointment she started talking. in sentences. strung together to make paragraphs. pasted together to include enough words to fill novels of every size. y’all she started talking and hasn’t stopped since:) this was our introduction to hazels life mantra… in my time, on my cue… hit it.

hazel believes that this is a broadway presentation of her life in real time and she wants to make sure she and everyone around her get their parts right. she is an elegant princess who will save the land from a hostile takeover because she is also an extraordinary superhero whose cape has magical powers to heal all the infirmed stuffed animals in the land. she is a pirate through and through and will rule the land and sea unless of course she is tickled in which case all aforementioned powers dissolve into the greatest giggling this side of the mississippi. she is going to be a doctor, an artist and a librarian ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

this life has the capability to take your breath away with its beauty as well as its pain and that will change you. you cannot stand in the face of great loss or great victory and expect to remain the same. hazel basil is extraordinary and for today what i choose to learn from her is that there have to be days where you look at yourself in all of your victories and all of your defeats, where you see the past and the lines, bumps, and bruises you’ve gotten from surviving the storms along the way and you can say “ahhhhhhhh PERFECT!”

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2 Responses to PERFECT

  1. Kimberly says:

    Stevens’ and Jones’ in carpool line between 9:14:55 and 9:17:00 daily. I call it “skin of teeth” time. Or just plain late.
    That Hazel Basil is mighty fantastic! And so is her mother!

  2. Regan Wood says:

    I’m right there with y’all in the carpool line as the teachers are trying to scurry through the door and pretend to not see me. At that point I do not believe I have to sign her in. I just tell her to make a run for it. 😉 I do love that HB, she’s got personality for daaaaayz.

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