Hope Has Come

there is so much wrapped up in the swaddling clothes of Christmas that i hesitate before even attempting to unwrap the beauty. but the greatest thing about this baby boy for me this year is that he comes.

i do not “make Christmas happen” as i am tempted to believe while making grocery lists and wrapping packages delivered before my snooptastic children can discover them and ruin the surprise. i do very little to actually make Christmas happen because Christmas could only be pulled off by the one who made us, who allowed us to walk away and who came after us anyway. it is about God seeing us scared, lonely, and afraid or maybe prideful, arrogant, and self-sufficient and knowing we needed the clouds to be pulled open, the star to pierce the darkness and a baby to win our hearts.

the barren birthed. the virgin birthed. dreams turned into reality. all without my lifting a finger. i do not have to work for the coming of this baby. nothing i do can make or hinder this baby from coming. i get my christmas miracle each and every year because he comes and he makes nothing about who i am or what i have done or left undone as a condition for his arrival.

so as i prepare my heart this year to delight in this baby born in a manger with stinky animals and a young couple that knows only that God suggested that they not be afraid and that they had found favor with him i realize that this is the very message of christmas. God loves you seems to fall on deaf ears because much like your family he kind of has to right? but that’s just the thing: he doesn’t.

before i was able to do one good thing he came. He left comfort to comfort. He left peace to bring peace. He left perfect love to share it with me and i am glad. i do not make Christmas happen. i cannot. but this year in this time i lean into that beautiful message. that i need not be afraid because i have found favor with God. so maybe you don’t need this reminder or maybe you’ve buried hope somewhere even you cannot find it again, but God comes for each of these and for every one he made,
 and the weary world rejoices for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.

Merry Christmas.Family_Stevens20150114

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