Put Down The Pinterest

okay, so we are up and we see some of that glorious white snow on the streets and we hear the pitter patter of the… rain? ice? sleet? covering that teeny tiny layer of snow making it certain that today will be filled with wet socks and dripping gloves and tiny snowmen and gumball shaped snowballs and hot cocoa and hopefully a fun movie with popcorn!IMG_1832

i implore you to try and return to caveman days in your expectations of what today will become. it will be awesome, mostly if you do not try to make every part of it awesome. drop the glitter glue everybody! snuggle under covers and make a breakfast that you wouldn’t usually be able to do or better yet tell them this is their inauguration into making breakfast in bed for you!
i am sitting next to my two oldest who are reading a book out loud next to me as i jot down this charge to fellow parents across the land. return to the flinstones times people. make a fort. build a car out of a cardboard box that they can propel with their feet. let’s band together in making today enjoyable and memorable mostly because we didn’t lose our junk trying to make it perfect:)
here are some ideas for today…
  • snow/ sled/ ice play (this is a given)
  • make a fort out of all available blankets/ cushions
  • (we have found that our fort game went up a notch when we took the long handles from all area brooms and shoved them into the couch cushions to add some height to our structures- our broom handles screwed out)
  • decorate for valentines by cutting out hearts and snowflakes and taping/hanging them for all to ohhh and ahhhhh over.
  • make something yummy- have them bake something with you, they feel so big and you get something yummy for a treat for later! (aprons add bonus points)
  • compose an original song or have your kids make up a play and design tickets and costumes and tell you what time the show is.
  • (bonus points if you dress up for the show as if in fact going to the theatre)
  • read a book out loud all together!
  • (little house, betsy tacy, the penderwicks, the one and only ivan, etc)
  • set up a vet for all area stuffed animals and lovies.
  • (gather doctors kits, a few band aids and washcloths as some will need dry baths)
add your ideas in the comments people let’s get this party started!!!
we got this! (safety in numbers:))
if you check pinterest for anything other then to grab a few minutes to look at adulty things that guy from the nineties tv show “in living color” is going to pop out and bop you on the head with that sock. i paid him to do so just for today:)
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One Response to Put Down The Pinterest

  1. Kimberly says:

    Our day yesterday (aside from the sledding and outdoor play) was filled with baking, on the girls’ request. They packaged cookies for neighbors and took them around the neighborhood on foot (while I got to check email)!

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