Dear T. Swiz

taylor swift,

there are so many things that i want to say to you, but mostly i want you to know that my oldest thinks that you hung the moon and the stars. nary a day goes by without coming upon sheets of paper where molly corin (aka mc) has written out the words of the song she is obsessed with for that day and strewn them about so that we all might have a high fashion, cat loving, killer songmaking cloud of you to fall upon.

mc has trained her 2 year-old sister to sing your lyrics and shout “t swiz!” anytime i ask what the request for the radio is. she has made sure that your cd is in the player down by their 10-inch stage their father built them in the basement so that she can perfect her show. anytime your lovely face is found in any publication it’s cut out and hung up in her room.

her birthday party in april will be a taylor swift party and so if you have any ideas feel free to send ’em on down to north cackalacky. we had the fortunate opportunity to see you in concert in greensboro in the fall and when you were getting the crowd pumped for the guest you had brought with you my sweet 8 year-old daughter gasped and said, “oh mommy do you think she brought her cats so we could meet them?!”

i say all that to say this: my girl is phenomenal. she is smart and beautiful and full of life. she is funny and has killer dance moves and a heart of gold. she likes to dabble in fashion design and since she was 3 i have let her dress and express herself in the way she feels most comfortable. last week she came in with a spare piece of leftover fabric that she had wrapped around her torso and said, “mom! look at this cool shirt i just made!”. here’s where you came in. i said that it looked cool but didn’t cover much of her body and so maybe she could pretend she was a movie star and rock that top with a robe on too. she liked that idea and we were able to progress through the evening with grace.

IMG_1607fast forward two days to when you rock the red carpet at the grammys. you wore an outift remarkably similar to her outfit with her homemade top and bright pink leggings. my friend texted immediately and did the side by side comparison shot and my little girl’s day was made!

i know you didn’t know that my little girl likes to wrap pieces of unused fabric around her torso nor the color combo that she would go with for that particular day, but what followed was one of the greatest sentences ever uttered… “mom, i like to think that i inspired her with my outfit!” so well done you! you have inspired so many in the way that you create music, treat fans, and remain a class act. thank you for feeling so accessible to my little girl that she thinks she inspired you right back.

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