Active Wear

last january i decided to start working out again, but not for poundage loss or for bathing suits to be fit into. instead, i decided i was going to keep my eye on the prize of what it meant to be healthy. the goal was three times a week because if i only got there two that would still be encouraging and coincidentally two more times a week than i had been going.

i decided to work my way up to thirty minutes on the treadmill over a course of months so at first i walked for ten minutes on the treadmill. then the next week i walked 5 minutes and ran 5 minutes and then walked five minutes. i know it’s really getting exciting now, eh? i added 5 minutes to the run each week and if i felt that where i was last week was still really challenging then i stayed there till i felt good about that amount. and now i have reached my goal of walking 5 minutes, running 30 and walking 5. now i am trying to increase my speed so that i could run 3 miles in the 30 minutes. it is fun and exciting and gratifying to shoot for something and see progress made. i can’t say i remember to weigh myself much and i sure do still love ice cream and late night bowls of cereal, but when i wake up mon, wed, and friday i get in my active wear because that’s the days i go to the gym.

after reaching the inital goal of 30 minutes on the treadmill i decided to take a monday toning class because let’s start the week off right whoop whoop. “go ahead and grab a mat, a ball, and high, medium, and low weights you feel good about” was the greeting we received. the only problem being i had no idea what weights to choose or how to even keep the ball from rolling into my neighbor’s very picturesque lunges and i began to think about whether or not to simply walk out as if i forgot to fill my water bottle and never return.

i stayed and tried everything. i could do most things and was encouraged… right up until they started to do crunches on top of the bosu. the bosu is like someone stole the toupee off of an excercise ball and if you do anything on it then you strengthen your core (or so i was led to believe). the instructor said “go ahead and put your back on the center of the bosu and then simply lift your legs and put your hands behind your head.” after making this statement she immediately stood up and walked towards me. now usually when an instructor walks over to give you tips they push their mic to the top of their head so everyone doesn’t hear your biznazz. in this case that step was skipped altogether. 

she kept saying things like “could you do it like this, well try this because what you are doing is ALL WRONG.” “you are going to kill your neck.” “no that would make you kill your back.” as the silent pause between songs was lingering far too long she said (still speaking into the mic), “well, work on the right form because even if you can only hold it for a second it is better than what you were doing.”

mmmmmmmmmmk thanks. in my pride i was like, “one second? one second!” you couldn’t have said “even if you can only hold it a short while or with correct form shorter is still more beneficial than a lengthened incorrect form.” nope. hey there doo-doo if you think you could get up on this exercise tupe for one second it would be better than the ridiculousness you have shown us thus far.

but that’s the thing. i didn’t know what i was doing. and one second was actually challenging at that point. eventually, just like the running goal, one second would be a breeze as i became stronger and healthier and as my muscles woke up and remembered what they were made for. but for now a second was a good goal.

what dream can you pursue for one second today? maybe next week you will add five minutes to that second. but for now get one pure moment where you don’t shoot your ideas down before they even get to see if they can fly. get up on that tupe and stick it. and then tomorrow get in your active wear once again and pursue it a little deeper, a little longer because maybe one second of truth and risk is better than what we were doing.

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