Grab You A Penny

we have a very favorite book store and can be seen there on many days. my girls walk in, go to their sections, and read/look through books. They discover new characters, possible adventures, and superhero get-ups that they would like to replicate at home. it is fantastic and everyone leaves happy. well, almost everyone. i have a three year old so everyone who isn’t an ad for “how to lose your junk in under two seconds at the mention of anything other than ice cream or running around naked” leaves happy.

upon leaving the book store we pass by a cool fountain and the girls turn quickly and hope beyond hope that i have returned something at costco recently so they will have beautiful, glorious, shiny coins to throw into the fountain, which will increase the chances of favorable outcomes for their fabulous wishes. it has become somewhat consistent now that we stop, wish, throw our coins, and delight in the possibilities ahead.

last time my oldest stopped and said mommy where’s your penny? i smiled big, digging in my purse so i could participate in the magic. we turned backwards, closed our eyes and made our wishes. we then counted to three and threw those coins over our shoulders,  waiting for the transformation to begin.img_2253

mc’s question to me got me thinking. i never get a coin for myself and make my wish and so i miss out on the possibility. one time mc used her coin to wish for really good cake at the birthday party she was on her way to attend and shazam shazoom they had her favorite dessert instead of cake at all. #nailedit. the eager expectation and wonder that comes over my littles as they wait to see the contrast of life before and after the wish is a joy in and of itself. why would i choose to miss out on this?

i understand that i am the adult in the scenario and i’m not trying to become the tooth fairy and grant people unicorns upon the mere mention of them. we do not share our wishes with one another so that we do not try to make them come true. i only knew mc’s because after it came to fruition she shared the victory. but for you and i, what do we lose out on by failing to dream, failing to wish for something remarkable, failing to grab a penny and ante up? i do not think the magical fountain is going to alter the course of my life, but where is the harm in pausing in life and participating in the wonder?

i think that adulthood is a lot of things, but most of them are serious and responsible and important- dare i say vital to do for the health, safety, and enjoyment of those you watch over. but i think where the beauty rests like a glass of pink lemonade on a porch swing amidst a beautiful day with a nice breeze is in the grabbing hold and drinking deep. i want to dream and help those around me dream of what it is to grow in beauty and adventure. maybe you are to start a business, maybe you are to care for a neighbor who you know is lonely, maybe you are to be a traveling children’s book reader and have storytime in your neighborhood for kids who are left without much to look forward to in the summer. i’m not going to make your dream for you, but i will pause and graciously ask… where’s your penny?

my hope and wish today is that you will dig in your bag or pocket and find the shiniest coin you have and you will pause from the activity, from the producing, from the striving for success and approval long enough to see the longing in your heart and nurture it.




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