IMG_3075 - Version 2christin mcgovern stevens here. 40 years of age, been married for 13 years come october, and i’ve got three fabulously entertaining children. i have done many jobs from nannying in order to pay my way through UVA, receptionist, dabbling in the temp world, and finally youth ministry where i landed for about 10 years. i like to bake, cook, read, knit and crochet, take photos and laugh oh sweet lawd do i love to laugh. i want ribs to hurt and cheeks to sting from the sheer merriment that ensues.

once my eyes were opened to the real world around me i noticed you don’t live very long before you get to take a ride with both joy and pain. for some reason, this was profoundly disturbing to me and rocked me to the core, and thus began a journey to be real about both. the joy and the pain have chiseled me out of stone and i am proud to be affected and at times molded through my experience with both.

every player in this fabulous production that is our family is a gift. i hope you will see each one at a deep level as you see us growing up and old together, but mostly i want you to be comforted. growing up is hard. many people avoid it entirely. i want this blog to encourage you, dear reader, that you are not alone. some of this journey is horror-movie-scary, but you will make it through and the change that you fear today will be the paintbrush that makes you the strong, phenomenal masterpiece you will stand as tomorrow.

i’ll be here, pointing out that parts of this sweet life are crazy, parts are scary and some parts are too hilarious not to share, but all of it is worth living. it’s worth experiencing, if for nothing else than to see the masterpiece you can become by refusing to remain the original piece of stone, unaffected and un-chiseled.

this is…masterpiece theatre.

no wait scratch that. this is… the joy of pregnancy and other lies.

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